Training Opportunity

The MUSC Hearing Research Program invites applications for a Post-doctoral Scholar who will receive training in neuroimaging, the neurobiology of aging, and age-related changes in speech recognition and hearing. The Post-doctoral Scholar will work  with an interdisciplinary group of auditory and cognitive neuroscientists on an NIDCD supported project that examines age-related changes in hearing and speech recognition. The ideal candidate will have training in the areas of audition, attention, and/or decision-making.

Please email Dr. Mark Eckert (eckert at for additional information. Applicants should include a CV and a statement of interests. MUSC is located on the coastline, in the heart of historic Charleston.

Representative publications from trainees:

Kuchinsky, S. E., Ahlstrom, J. B., Cute, S. L., Humes, L. E., Dubno, J. R., & Eckert, M. A. (2014). Speech?perception training for older adults with hearing loss impacts word recognition and effort. Psychophysiology, 51(10), 1046-1057.

Teubner-Rhodes, S., Vaden, K. I., Cute, S. L., Yeatman, J. D., Dougherty, R. F., & Eckert, M. A.  (2016). Aging-Resilient Associations between the Arcuate Fasciculus and Vocabulary Knowledge: Microstructure or Morphology?. Journal of Neuroscience, 36(27), 7210-7222.

Vaden, K. I., Kuchinsky, S. E., Ahlstrom, J. B., Dubno, J. R., & Eckert, M. A. (2015). Cortical activity predicts which older adults recognize speech in noise and when. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(9), 3929-3937.